Charles University, 1st Faculty of Medicine

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The First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague was awarded 35 885 000 Czech crowns (approx. 1.44 million euros) to establish an Imaging Center for Biomedicine and Medical Nanotechnology at its Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology. Of this amount, 15 064 000 crowns (approx. 602 000 euros) was used to renovate laboratories and 19 252 000 crowns (approx. 770 000 euros) was used to purchase state-of-the-art microscopy equipment. Further details can be found at (currently only in Czech).

Laboratory space was entirely renovated and outfitted according to the needs of a modern imaging center. Major investments were made to acquire a new electron microscope and a high-speed spinning disk microscope. Also, many of the existing equipment were upgraded, in particular the widefield 4D fluorescence microscope, which was equipped with an innovative, low phototoxicity light source, and the Tecnai electron microscope, which was equipped with a high tilt cryo transfer tomography holder. A list of equipment currently in operation at the Imaging Center can be found in the Equipment section of our website.

The Imaging Center for Biomedicine and Medical Nanotechnology brings together an impressive array of imaging technologies, allowing life scientists to study normal and pathological processes from the level of a whole model organism down to that of a single molecule. The use of this state-of-the-art infrastructure should lead in the coming years to important advances in basic and applied science. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the European Fund for Regional Development and the City of Prague for making this Center a reality.