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Friday, July 22 | Saturday, July 23 | Sunday, July 24

Friday, July 22

Cancer Cell Biology

Cell Biology in Immunology

Cell Biology of Ageing

Cell Division, Cell Cycle



Membrane Biology and Trafficking

New Technologies, Imaging in Cell Biology

Saturday, July 23

Cell Death, Autophagy, Cell Stress

Cell Shape, Cell Polarity and Motility

Cell Signalling, Systems and Computational Biology

Cells and Tissue Biology

Development, Stem Cells

DNA Replication, Repair and Recombination

Microbial Cell Biology, Molecular and Cellular Parasitology

Nuclear Structure and Function

Structural Biology, Protein Folding, Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Sunday, July 24

Cell Organelles, Mitochondria

Cell-Matrix and Cell-Cell Interactions, Extracellular Matrix

Cellular Metabolism in Health and Disease

Cellular Neurobiology

Gene Expression, RNA Processing, Transcription, Translation

New Therapies, Nanomedicine

Non-coding RNAs


Plant Cell Biology

Regulation and Organization of the Genome

The 12th International Congress of Cell Biology
Best Poster Award

The Journal of Cell Biology, Protoplasma and Nucleus will be the proud sponsor of this year’s best poster awards. Authors of best 7 posters will be selected via a congress delegate vote. Every regularly registered congress participant is invited to vote for their favourite poster. To do this simply complete the evaluation form provided and add this to the dedicated voting box clearly marked in the poster area. The best posters will be announced during the closing ceremony.




July 24
Saturday photos has been posted..

July 19
Practical information fully updated.

July 19
A - Z information available.

July 19
Check out the content of our Exhibitor Showcases.

July 15
Details on Congress Dinner published. Tickets will be available at registration desk.

July 1
Just announced! Symposium “Cell Biology Education – Teaching and Training in Research and Scientific Writing

June 28
Best Poster Award!

June 22

Detailed Scientific programme and Guidelines for authors published.






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